Let’s Hear It for my Twitter Feed

I have resisted for years my twitter account for some reason or another. Even though I opened my account seven or so years ago I thought it was stupid and another great big time thief and refused to tweet or follow. However, I have recently changed my mind. I am lucky enough to have had my own KU Senior Social Media Intern for the summer. Consequently, she has been trying to show me the light for several weeks and has finally made a believer of me. I am quickly becoming aware of the stimulating resource that my twitter feed has become. She insisted I needed to follow an assortment of design resources, she figured out who all I might enjoy, thus populated my daily twitter feed with the latest and greatest in the field of design. I don’t even have to tweet all I have to do is read and I am set. Actually so are you, as I intend to make this post a regular occurrence. 438372877884985537_1dd5a76a8a99 How beautiful is this bathroom? A custom design printed on mylar…luscious. 438386666843935063_971a34f6d71a