Will the new libraries be the Apple Store?

This morning when I ran across an article about the 49 most beautiful libraries in the world a thought crossed my mind…will libraries like these stunning beautiful places continue to hold a place of importance or will they be repurposed? Or will access to libraries go through somewhere like this Apple Store in Amsterdam,Apple Store...Amsterdam or really…will Apple Stores and others like them hold the key to the library.

Today I am working on my new teacher blog in my home office with piles of books everywhere, and for some reason I am looking at all these book a little differently this afternoon.  I am wondering why I have them and do I need them any more.  Maybe I better get them, every single one, on Amazon before they are of no value and worse yet nobody even knows what they are. This summer I was in an antique store in Fresno, California  where I witnessed a fifteen or so year old girl beg for an old dial telephone. She was asking her mother how it worked, I heard her incredulous “You are kidding” responses to her mother’s explanations.

I remember a year or two ago I didn’t want a book on my reader, I wanted a book to hold and touch and smell…in other words I wanted a real reading experience and even defended this position to those trying to make me accept change.  Some how I realize that need, or what ever it was, has gone by the wayside, and I am quite happy at two in the morning to click on BUY NOW and have a new book to read in the middle of the night.

So, my big question of the day is… what is going to happen to the libraries? Will there still be funds for them or will there be a big flap over the economic feasibility of using tax dollars to support these wonderful places.  Any way, just wondering…and admiring beautiful libraries of the past like this library at the Benedictine Monastery of Admont, in Admont, Austria.Library at the Benedictine Monastery of Admont, Admont, AustriaI am attaching the link from my twitter feed so you can also wonder…http://www.buzzfeed.com/mattortile/49-breathtaking

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