Stairways and the stories they tell.

Stairways and the stories they tell.

One of the oldest elements of architectural history…the stairway .  Always interesting, rarely left unembelished, the stairway  is one architectural element that brings into evidence the period of time in which the particular structure was designed. I have always been interested in stairways and how something so elementary can be embellished  and changed to reflect so much history and tell such an interesting story. Particularly interesting in this collection of stairways is the beautiful art nouveau stairway from the Gustave Moreau Museum in Paris. Moreau a prolific artist and teacher left a very large collection of his work to the city of Paris. Moreau  redesigned his home as a museum to house the collection, his redesign included this beautiful art nouveau stairway. Much like climbing a stairway this path of words can lead to the interesting life story of Gustave Moreau, teacher to many of the impressionist painters of the late 1800s and an accomplished artist of his period. Become interested in the art and life of Gustave Moreau.                                                              14, rue de la Rochefoucauld, 75009 Paris  Art Nouveau stairway

Stairway of booksSubway stairwaystairway of books

Fluid Spiral stairwayChunky post stairwayStairway of colors

Opening night stairwaystairway of glass and plantsRetro stairway

Garden stairwayWithout touching the floor stairwayFloating Glass Stairway