Balloons…it’s a Party

Balloons…it’s a Party

 Getting ready to post my balloon pictures, I decided to Google Treb Heining as see what he was up to these days. This picture came up on MSNBC, so I captured it. No balloon story would be complete with out Treb. What seems like forever ago, Treb Heining, the balloon genius pictured, came to Western Kansas to help us with a balloon release for our Spring Festival.  I had just returned from the advertisers conference in Chicago, where I heard about the balloon release Treb had just orchestrated at a birthday party for Prince.  Never one to be intimidated, I called and ask if he would consider a balloon release for our spring festival in Colby, Kansas. For reasons, unknown to me at the time and certainly unknown to me now, he agreed to bring Melissa and Whitman and come to Kansas. It was great! One hundred local kids worked two days to help fill the 10,000 balloons, capture them in huge serpent like net bags, and bring them to main street for the actual festival release. Another thirty or so kids helped make the balloon arches he used to decorate Franklin Avenue, our main street. Consequently, we had two days of Los Angeles magic in western Kansas, a great memory that involved this fun guy that apparently still hasn’t grown up.

Treb’s image is by Jae C. Hong / AP. Click on the image and follow back to the origin if you are interested in more information about this balloon artist.

Fancy – colormethere.

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