Water colorSeeing these little squares of color lined up together brings back fond memories of classes I took in watercolor.  I have always been amazed that so many people can not read color and have no idea what colors are mixed together to make other colors. This simple exercise or one like it could begin to remedy this situation. You will notice, in this watercolor exercise, the basic watercolors are mixed with each other in order to show what colors will develop.  A chart, following a pattern such as this, will show what the original color is when it is mixed with itself as well as the other colors and their mixed results. There is much to learn from this basic exercise. Making a chart like this you, certainly, will begin to develop some understanding of what color is within a color.  This ability to read colors will help you understand why some colors work better together than others. One of the requirements of my  watercolor classes was a weekly exercise of 100 colors, mixed in little puddles with the name of the mix beside the puddle,  due every Friday. These little puddles of color were different mixes of these very tubes of watercolor. With this, sometimes irksome assignment,  I learned to read every color imaginable. Great classes, wonderful quirky teacher, Thomas Currey…many years gone now…but leaving me with this gift.

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  1. I have an original watercolor painting by Thomas Currey and would appreciate
    any info about the artist. I think this Tom Currey was or is from the Kansas
    City area or somewhere in kansas or missouri.

    • Yes, Tom Currey was at the last part of his life from Colby, Ks where he taught watercolor at the college. Before that he was from somewhere in Colorado, teaching at Colorado State where he co-authored book on color theory. He was a wonderful teacher and a very talented painter. He was very skillful in watercolor technique and was generous sharing his skill. He was married to a woman painter that had a style much like Grandma Moses, I believe her work was available in the Branson area. I think he has been gone twenty five years at least, maybe longer. Those of us fortunate enough to take classes from him were left with a clear understanding of color theory and all of us could manage a fairly decent little watercolor. Thanks for asking. Julie

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