Circular images…curvilinear line

Circular images…curvilinear line

We can get all wound up in Euclidean Geometry  and try to grasp what a curvilinear line is or we can think a minute about the word, use a little common sense, and think about what curved line development might mean in relation to your interior design.  Key to interior design success is understanding line development and the part it plays in design. Line dominance, meaning for our purposes here, what are the lines of the patterns being used doing? Are most of the lines in the patterns curved… or straight? If you are trying to put together several patterns in one design your success will be considerably greater if you are careful to establish a clear line development within those patterns. In the beautiful room above you will notice every element is curved. Table legs, chair arms, baskets, and of course the circular elements on the wall. (By the way, incase you don’t recognize them, those circular pieces are ceiling medallions readily available in a variety of materials.) The softness of the colors and the single hue and neutral color scheme also add to the overall design success.  Curved patterns are softer, thus the softness of the lines and colors working together ensure good design.

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