Books, Books, and More Books

Books, Books, and More Books

The image below isn’t my room but it could have been yesterday.  I decided, since I needed to do a little cleaning, to rearrange some  of my book shelves according to color.  That was certainly interesting.  I am not sure what I expected…blocks of color for sure, chaos with the categories for sure, and I am not really certain what else or what prompted this behavior. I was surprised with what developed. What I didn’t expect was that titles would be much easier to see, and that the color blocking seemed to bring order to the distracting nature of the dust jackets.  So try it the next time your bookcases need dusting. Just be sure you are ready for your Margaret Thatcher Biography to end up in-between Harry Potter and The Plains of Passage and for Barbara Bush to end up next to the Art of Maurice Sendak, anyway that is what happened at my house. Seriously though, try it. I added some blue pieces of antique glass to the blue shelves and interspersed  my collection of Mexican bird feather pictures rescued from the 50s. Those birds pictures were ugly then and they are ugly now but I still love them and they look quirky and fun mixed in with the books.   I have certainly noticed, even though the piles of books still surround me the four books a week I used to read has now dwindled to one as learning the ins and outs of blogging has occupied my every minute.

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