What is this about, anyway???

Colormethere will probably turn out to be about several things; however, my original intention is that it will be about the elements of design, the language of the visual arts. I hope I can stay true to this mission and through these ramblings develop an awareness of these elements; color, space, texture, value, shape and line. As a practicing interior designer for the last twenty-five years, I have tried to help clients understand how their design was developing and why it was developing the way it was.  I have tried to be a teacher as we moved along in the design process so that my clients ultimate selections were based on educated perceptions.

Along with this design/visual art education, a lot of art history is going to creep in as it goes hand in hand with all design.

Something about my brain…I just can’t resist the colorful…paintings, fabrics, and artistic lives. So…I guess…that said, colormethere has a mission…and time will tell. *

* also book posts, food posts, and posts about anything insane and colorful.

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